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Canopy Installation Instructions

We recommend that the canopy be installed by 2 adults.
1) Spread the canopy out on the ground with the striped side up. Make sure that the sides are straight and the corners are squared. On the all white canopies, make sure the outside ropes are on the top side.

2) Assemble all poles. A 20'x20' will have 8-2 piece side poles and 1-4 piece center pole. A 20'x30' will have 10-2 piece side poles & 2-4 piece center poles. (The 4 piece pole on the yellow & white has a short pole at the bottom.)

3) Spread out the poles and stakes around the edge where the ropes are.
Now you're ready to start setting up the canopy. Always begin and end in a corner. If your yard is sloped, begin at a corner on the slope.

4) Have person "A" slide the tip of the pole through the brass grommet, and metal rings (if it has one). Make sure that the pole is on the inside of the small rope that is on the inside edge of the canopy. Then take the rope and place the loop over the pole tip. Doing this takes some of the pressure off of the canvas strap.

5) Have person "A" hold the pole up straight! While person "B" hammers in the stakes approximately 30"-36" out from the pole (see diagram), corner stakes are to be put at a 90 angle to the pole. Tie the ropes around the stakes loosely.
6) Repeat step Five until all of the side poles are up.
Note: Make sure you leave a corner pole to be put up last
so that you will be able to pull it tight from two sides.
7) Put up 4 piece center pole(s).

8) Make sure all poles are in straight lines. Pull all ropes tight and tie a knot - don't depend on the sliders to hold it!

9) Drive in a small stake next to the center pole(s) and tie off the rope (this prevents the wind from lifting the canopy off of the pole(s).

NOTE: If bad weather is expected, or you are on soft ground, it's advisable to put a small piece of wood under the poles so that they won't sink into the ground.
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