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Industry Leading Dixie Chopper Lawn Mower Features

Body Panels
Our stainless steel body panels not only look good, they will look good for a lifetime. Plastic may sag and paint may wear, but stainless is forever.
Against Rust on Stainless Steel

Our Industrial models use tubular steel frames with 4 or 6 parallel rails, depending on models, to enhance strength and prevent warping.
Against Frame Breakage

Front Wheel Assembly
The tough Front Casters are meant to handle a lifetime of use with proper maintenance. Most models come standard with Springer Forks to help smooth out rough terrain.
Front Caster Bearings and Front Forks

Speed requires power, and Dixie Chopper mowers have a shortage of neither. Fitted with either a Generac or Kohler engine, you'll have all the power you need. True power output ranges from 20 to 38 horsepower for gasoline engines, depending on model. Dixie Chopper also offers solutions for alternative-fueled mowers, such as Propane and Diesel. Most models come equipped with dual-stage, performance air filters.


Generac Engine Performance

Cutting Deck
Offering cutting widths from 34" to 74", you'll find a machine that fits your needs. Our cutting decks host a wide variety of features: A bolted (not welded) top plate, vented pulleys for long belt life, and spindle fans for debris removal, deck rollers, and cast iron spindle housings for 1.25" shafts. The redesigned industrial decks now use an Electric Deck Lift for easy height adjustments.
Deck Spindle Hubs *

OCDC - Operator Controlled Discharge Chute
The Operator Controlled Discharge Chute offers direct control over grass clippings leaving the cutting deck. Not only can this device enhance mulching capability, but also adds an element of safety by eliminating flying debris.

Hydraulic Drive System
Industrial models sport the exclusive Quad-Loop drive system, featuring quality White Drive pumps and motors for precise control and power over delivery. A 2.5 gallon, cooled hydraulic system, filled with Lucas Oil, keeps the drivetrain at low operating temperatures.
Steering Linkages and Levers

The patented Turf Boss tire design gives your Dixie Chopper superior traction and ground-holding capability in the grass. The design is based on a reverse-tread pulling truck tire. The low-profile front tires are inspired by modern motorcycle designs.


Engine Guard
Most models come equipped with engine guards to keep obstacles, such as branches or posts, from damaging the engine or related components.

Floor Pan
All Dixie Chopper models feature a flip-up Floor Pan for easy access to the deck, belts and pulleys during maintenance or cleaning.


Towing Hitch
Our industrial mowers come standard with a 1 ton towing capacity. This is thanks to powerful drive motors and a substantial, welded frame hitch.

Control Panel
The user control panel houses (from left to right) the ignition key, Engine Choke, Electric Deck Engagement, Voltmeter and Hour Meter / Tachometer.


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